The Profit of Happiness

This Dutch made production on the profit of happiness (rendement van geluk) gives inspiring insights into companies operating in the purpose economy. These companies do not focus on maximising profit, but focus on maximising their impact and following their purpose.

For example, Greystone in New York, who don’t hire people to bake brownies, they bake brownies to hire people. Anyone can walk in and apply for a job, all they ask is contact details. No resume, background check or previous experience is required. Established in 1982, and grown into a multi million business, collaborating with other large purposeful organisations like Ben & Jerry’s. But mostly they have helped improve the community, by allowing people (who had difficulties before) to work and improve their own life and that of their family and friends.

See for more inspiring stories the video (large part in English, Dutch parts unfortunately not subtitled). So, what impact do you want to have? And where and with whom?


(source: Huffington Post)

How to find fulfilling work

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(source: YouTube)

How to find fulfilling work by the School of Life starts with a bit of background on why so many of us are currently searching for more purpose at work.

It gives six useful ideas to take on this journey:

  1. Accept that being confused about career choice is perfectly normal – as there are so many options!
  2. Know yourself – tests like MBTI can be useful here, or books with practical exercises
  3. Think a lot – take time to reflect
  4. Try something – e.g. through shadowing, volunteering, internships or job sharing
  5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy – as solving this creates a business opportunity
  6. Be confident – give it a go!

And while I am talking about the School of Life.. Its founder, Alain de Botton, is the author of many brilliant inspiring books, in which he combines interesting topics like The Architecture of Happiness, The Art of Travel and Status Anxiety. The beautifully designed book covers already make me happy 🙂


Augenhöhe literally translated means ‘eye level’, or in other words being on ‘an equal footing’ with someone and communicating ‘as equals’. 

This German film project, which is financed by crowd funding, shows different successful examples of self-organised companies. Themes discussed include Agile Scrum way of working, employees as shareholders, no hierarchy, job sharing, shared decision making, employee empowerment and many more.

The film inspires to reflect on how you work or have worked within companies and how you actually would like to work (what are your favourite working conditions?). See for the movie with subtitles in different languages the Augenhöhe website. There also more information can be found on the overall international project. 



Jodorowsky’s Dune (2014)


Not only highly entertaining, but also infectious motivational. Jodorowsky’s ambition was: ‘to create a movie that gives LSD hallucinations, without taking LSD and through that change the young minds of all the world’.

No dream is too big, just go for it is Jodorowsky’s mindset. Want to have Mick Jagger or Dali in your movie? Why not. Just ask them.

Even if everything doesn’t work out as planned, you will learn something. And the process itself may lead to an unexpected result and may have a (massive) impact. Not only for yourself, but also for others.

See for the trailer of this documentary here or click on the picture.