The Profit of Happiness

This Dutch made production on the profit of happiness (rendement van geluk) gives inspiring insights into companies operating in the purpose economy. These companies do not focus on maximising profit, but focus on maximising their impact and following their purpose.

For example, Greystone in New York, who don’t hire people to bake brownies, they bake brownies to hire people. Anyone can walk in and apply for a job, all they ask is contact details. No resume, background check or previous experience is required. Established in 1982, and grown into a multi million business, collaborating with other large purposeful organisations like Ben & Jerry’s. But mostly they have helped improve the community, by allowing people (who had difficulties before) to work and improve their own life and that of their family and friends.

See for more inspiring stories the video (large part in English, Dutch parts unfortunately not subtitled). So, what impact do you want to have? And where and with whom?


(source: Huffington Post)

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