A new cookie jar


cookie jar

(source: Pinterest)

This open discovery is starting to pay off.. I found a new cookie jar! Meaning an exciting topic which combines skills, knowledges and interests I already had, redefines and combines them in a way I hadn’t considered before, while also adding new (to-be-developed) knowledges and interests. It really feels like having access to a new cookie jar. And pretty confident that in this cookie jar is my new work! 🙂



New work is actually also the right description of my topic. In German they say so nicely ‘neue Arbeitswelt’, with which is meant the changes in the current workforce that are occurring. From flexible working hours, home office, job sharing, digital nomads to self-organisation, no hierarchies and employee decision making. As the current typical organisation set-up, developed in the industrial revolution, is no longer feasible for most organisations and the people that work for them. This is also visible in the trend of people looking for more meaning in their work, and no longer only working for money (hence this blog :)).

So it’s time for a new work revolution! Which is already happening in terms of holacracy organisational structures being introduced, reinventing organisations movement, agile way of working, design thinking methodology and more flexibilities for the employees.  But still at the very beginning, and I’m excited to be and become even more part of it!

How did I get there? I already had an interest for the overall topic (as you can also see in previous blog posts). So when visiting meetups related to this topic, I met someone who is implementing holacracy in her organisation. This I had to hear more about, as I had never met anyone with that responsibility. Very simple, I asked her if she was interested in meeting to talk more about this topic. She of course coincidently happened to work around the corner. Over lunch with her and another girl interested in this topic, not only did we have a lot of common interests and very good conversations, I also received so many inspiration in terms of books I had never heard off, other people and organisations working on this topic, meetups, facebook groups etc. Like I said; a new cookie jar! And in talking with some of her contacts, I got further reconfirmed that this is an area I want to work in.

What’s next? Further exploring this field in terms of meeting more people and organisations working in this field, discovering new ways of working and new methodologies. I have also started to draw my own ideal job description, which I continue to add things to in terms of working conditions, skills, impact (see what colour is your parachute). At some point I would like to try out some jobs in this area, perhaps via shadowing someone or helping out on a specific project. In order to get a real feel and of course also some experience.

So word of advice.. follow your interests (even if you don’t think about them now as work) and meet as many people as you can related to those interests. As in meeting people, new doors and worlds will open that you haven’t thought about yourself before!

Final note, if the above makes you think about any books, movies, articles, organisations or what else, then of course I am more than happy to receive those suggestions!

Feel free to leave a comment.. thanks!

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