How to find fulfilling work

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(source: YouTube)

How to find fulfilling work by the School of Life starts with a bit of background on why so many of us are currently searching for more purpose at work.

It gives six useful ideas to take on this journey:

  1. Accept that being confused about career choice is perfectly normal – as there are so many options!
  2. Know yourself – tests like MBTI can be useful here, or books with practical exercises
  3. Think a lot – take time to reflect
  4. Try something – e.g. through shadowing, volunteering, internships or job sharing
  5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy – as solving this creates a business opportunity
  6. Be confident – give it a go!

And while I am talking about the School of Life.. Its founder, Alain de Botton, is the author of many brilliant inspiring books, in which he combines interesting topics like The Architecture of Happiness, The Art of Travel and Status Anxiety. The beautifully designed book covers already make me happy 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment.. thanks!

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