How to get (anonymous) 360 feedback

Want to know more about how your colleagues, friends and family perceive you and your work? This can be a scary and time consuming question to ask.. Luckily there are online tools available to help and also anonymise this process!

The free version of the Talent Checkup tool by checkster allows you to ask up to 50 people for their feedback. The invitees need to fill out a 5 minute survey, consisting of open, 5-scale and multiple choice questions. You fill out the same survey, checkster then compiles the results and creates a report. Checkster also asks whether people are open to be contacted after the survey as well, just in case you have some follow-up questions.


(source: emerce)

The following areas are focused on in the report and survey:

  • Strengths, accomplishments and improvements
  • Scores on probability of re-hire and overall performance
  • Gap analysis on own vs others scores on attributes like team player, energy in work and stress handling
  • The beforementioned attributes are also scored on strongest vs weakest
  • Work related skills, industry knowledge and work behaviour
  • Job flow potential (can you get ‘in the flow’ while working)
  • 4 E’s of leadership; energy, energise, edge, execute

Most interesting for me were the strengths, accomplishments and improvements and the gap analysis sections. The strengths, accomplishments and improvements consisted of open questions, allowing your invitees to provide elaborate feedback. Some you may be aware off yourself, although it can be hard to admit.. And other feedback can be quite surprising! The same counts for the gap analysis, this really shows your blindspot in when you are too generous or too conservative about yourself. For example I thought I displayed quite some energy in performing all sorts of tasks, but according to my reviewers I can show more energy!

Finally some tips/notes from my own experience:

  • You may want to contact your invitees separately as well, announcing the checkster invite. As the invite can be perceived as spam, even though the message can be tailored by you.
  • As it is work related the questions can be more difficult to answer by your friends and family. They can of course relate their answers on the stories that you have told them or think about a shared project situation (e.g. organising a party together).
  • Invite as many people as you can. Also think about colleagues from previous jobs and create a mix of junior, peer and more senior colleagues, so you really get 360 feedback.

Feel free to leave a comment.. thanks!

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