Job sharing

The way we work is changing. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at the same organisation for 25 years is not so common anymore. Part-time, home office, multiple small jobs, digital nomad. You name it and it’s possible.

job sharing

(source: arbeits abc)

On revival is a concept called job sharing, meaning two people fulfil one job. This can be 50/50, but variances are possible, depending both on the job and the available time of the employees. This also means a 150% job in which two persons work 60 hours in total.


Some of the benefits of job sharing:

  • Two know and can do more than one
  • Ensures better availability for colleagues and customers (there is always someone around)
  • Both can learn from each other, on experiences (senior vs junior) or on certain skills and knowledges
  • It allows for flexibility to do other ‘projects’ next to your job (ranging from parenting, studying or founding a start-up)

Like with any part-time option, it does mean a decrease in salary and other employee benefits. And in sharing a job, it is important to ensure proper and regular contact moments to align and/or hand-over the work.

I discovered job sharing during a meet-up were the German start-up Tandemploy was presenting their platform. Tandemploy is an online platform were both job sharers as well as companies can find each other.

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