Finding your imperative

One of the first books that I started reading on the topic of finding purpose at work was The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst. While that definitely is a recommendation as well, I wanted to highlight the related website On this site you can conduct a so called Individual Purpose Diagnostic, helping you to find out:

  • Who you work to impact – An individual, the society or an organization
  • Why you do what you do – For harmony or for karma
  • How you achieve that – By being community-oriented, structure-driven, human-centered or knowledge-driven

In addition it gives a purpose personality type and an imperative statement.

As an example my results from the Individual Purpose Diagnostic:

My imperative is to work directly with individuals to help them overcome societal barriers by creating their environments and experiences.

Purpose Type: The Giver 

You use your understanding of human needs to find authentic solutions for individuals.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-03 um 09.38.46


You change lives by addressing human needs, desires and capabilities. You work to design the optimal conditions needed to improve individual lives. You enjoy uncovering the authentic needs and behaviours of your target audience and conceptualising exciting new ways to create meaningful experiences for each individual. Driven by the desire to level the playing field and create a more just society, you feel especially fulfilled when your contributions are open and accessible to everyone, yet serve individual needs. Your most meaningful moments occur when individuals share their personal stories about how your work contributed to their life in a positive way.

No exact job suggestion, but a bit of direction in terms of the who, why and how of your work! See

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