How the negative can help

To me it seems a new trend of thinking about the negative opposite in order to motivate yourself. And this is not negative thinking! But by asking questions like ‘Why not?’ and ‘What will happen if I don’t do it?’, you can visualise what you don’t want and go for the opposite and achieve what you do want.

This article by Fastcompany goes one step further by focusing on planning your failure in order to succeed. It describes the following steps:

  1. obstacle-ahead

    (source: jmacrev)

    Think about your top goal.

  2. Write it down.
  3. Give it a timeline (preferably a fairly short one).
  4. Imagine all the potential obstacles you will face in achieving that goal.
  5. Write those obstacles down.
  6. Now come up with an if-then response you will have to each of those obstacles.

It is important for you to be committed and intrinsically motivated about the goal. Also ensure the obstacles and if-then responses are specific, so that whenever that situation occurs you now what to do in order to proceed.

The entire How planning to fail can help you succeed article can be found here.

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