Why do you actually work?

why leafs

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The other day I had a conversation with a group of people about why we actually work. This question is at the core of finding work that gives you purpose.

The topic came to the table as for non-workers (like me currently), the worry can exist how HR managers and recruiters respond to a gap on your CV. But as Warren Buffet said; Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age. Not just start jobs for the sake of making your resume make sense to others (whom all have a different look at it anyway). Do things you enjoy and are excited about and then your resume will follow (even if you don’t get paid for it – this actually brings me to the question ‘what defines a job or work?’, I’ll safe that for later). It is your resume after all.

Of course the bottom line is you need to live. And for that you need food, housing, clothes etc., which can be best obtained with money. And money you can best get by having a job. But without the money reason; why do you then work?

I must say I find this an intriguing question that I have never asked myself before. It’s just one of those things that fit in the entire life line of being born, going to school, studying, graduating and then finding a job… I guess that’s why it’s an uncommon question to ask.

I know I don’t work for status, as I have an allergy for that. Recognition is nice, but that to me is not related to work per se. The closest I get now is to saying that with my work I would like to create a positive social impact. Through being connected with people and also by connecting people with the resources that they need (human, informational or what else). Next step, finding a job or creating one that comes close to that 😉 And lingering a bit more on this uncommon big question, why do you actually (want to) work?

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