Let’s start something new…

So there you are. Nice idea, a blog which collects stuff that inspires you on this search of finding out what work gives you purpose. But it also means this. A first blog post.

try newBut as with all beginnings, it just means starting and then the rest will follow. That also applies with figuring out which work gives you (more) meaning. Just start somewhere. What is it that you already want to do for a long time? Be it travelling, a new hobby, redecorating your house, going to a certain event etc. Name it and do it. As starting something will also lead to new things, that you otherwise would not discover.

To point out in hindsight where and when it exactly began, is not that easy. So this may also mean that you have already started! For myself the beginning was probably when I took a 3 months sabbatical and travelled through South America. With a sabbatical you really get away from work and your day-to-day life. And inspiration is everywhere! In the sights of the countries, cultures, traditions, languages, meeting locals and other travellers etc etc. It makes you realise that there are a zillion different ways to do things and that all of them are ok. Upon returning I then looked differently at my job. More from a distant so to say, being less of a control freak about it.

My sabbatical then led to many other things, including my decision to quit my job and move from Amsterdam to Berlin. So here I am, focusing full time on finding out what work I would like to do. Visiting events and meetups, meeting new people, approaching interesting companies, following training, reading books and articles, doing a drawing course, going bouldering, learning to code and much more. Being completely open minded on whatever comes my way. And then further investigating the things that appeal to me. I haven’t found my new purposeful work yet, but the puzzle feels to be slowly falling into place. And until then, and probably afterwards as well, I am fully enjoying this discovery!

This discovery does mean a lot of beginnings, with starting a blog being the beginning of today. What will you start today?


4 thoughts on “Let’s start something new…

  1. Katja says:

    Nice article, Elsabeth! I like it!

    I think your approach of joyful engagement and discovery is great!
    See what psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman said about it, I saw it quoted by neuroscientist and TEDx speaker Sarah McKay (http://yourbrainhealth.com.au/).
    So here is their take on how to develop extraordinary skills and add meaning to your life:

    “We should encourage everyone to make contact with as many domains [activities] as possible, and be on the lookout for domains that activate the ‘flow’ state.
    This requires keeping the door open and instituting a dynamic talent development process where the only admission criterion is readiness for engagement. The latest science suggests we are all capable of extraordinary performance in some domain of expertise; the key is finding the mode of expression that best allows your unique package of personal characteristics to shine.”

    🙂 Katja


    • elsabethvo says:

      Thanks Katja! Nice quote and very true; by being curious and discovering new things, we also learn what fits us best! I also like her take on sleeping and taking naps 😉


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